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Yerba Mate from Argentina

MLL BROKERAGE assists companies that find purchasing Yerba Mate from Argentina difficult.
This could be due to the distance, language, time zones or other factors that make transactions a bit rough.
Many customers prefer to channel their purchases through us, saving time, money, headaches and again, money.

How can we save you Time, Money and Headaches?

TIME: We have direct contact with several Yerba Mate suppliers and easy access to their Sales & Logistics Managers. Not to mention that we share same time zone, reducing the time of response. We take care of all the documentation, logistics, and coordination, for you to concentrate in your core business.

MONEY: We are allied to MissionLine Logistics, international freight forwarder, allowing us to get great freight rates from the very source. We guarantee better delivery prices to all our clients.

HEADACHES: For all stated above and any other issue that can appear during the purchase that you won´t have to deal with any longer.
And again, MONEY: We are direct exporters of Yerba Mate accessories such as Gourds, Wooden Mates, Bombillas, thermos and other yerba mate accessories,  so we can be the sole supplier of all of these products, saving a lot of money in logistics’ fix costs when there are several exporters. Money is saved by taking advantage of the free space in the container; we make this possible by consolidating various products into the same container (even different Yerba Mate brands).

Un Mate on Facebook

We have launched Un Mate, a community where Yerba Mate lovers can share thoughts, experiences and much, much more! Feel free to join us, take a seat and have some mate.

Worldwide Deliveries

We ship Worldwide directly from Argentina. 

We specialize in international door to door deliveries, providing your company with personalized assistance and logistic solutions.
Our goal is to make your purchases from Argentina an easy and practical buying option. We take care of all documentation, customs formalities, exportation procedures, identify best means of transport and provide door delivery at city of destination for you to focus on your main business.

MLL partners with MissionLine Logistics to reach competitive shipping costs and fast responses, using first line shipping agencies, airfreight companies and reliable agents worldwide to deliver your goods as fast and efficient as possible.  

We ship worldwide:
By Sea (Seafreight - Full & Partial Containers)
By Air (Airfreight and Courier Door/Door Service)
By Land (Inland deliveries)

For Courier we use:

Door to Door Service – Express Deliveries within 5 working days, right at your door step.

Please contact us and let us find the best solution for your business.
Thank you!

MLL Brokerage Team